Man and Wild - Remarkable Bond

Man and Wild – Remarkable Bond

The relationship this guy has with the wild cats have surprized wild life experts from all over the world. Watch the video to believe it.

[mom_video type=”youtube” id=”Wso13n4kHZ4” width=”630”]

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Floral Open Cart Responsive Bootstrap Theme

Pav Floral is innovative Responsive Opencart Theme design that can be a perfect choice for establishing a modern online Flower shop, Gift Store or a Handmade boutique…

10 Most Creative Street Arts

10 Most Creative Street Arts

Street Art is one of the major interesting things we get to see in urban setting these days. Most of these street arts are collaborated with plants and are collected from diffrent cities in the world. Here ‘street art’ does no necessarily mean something the street, the artist have rather created this brilliance in walls, the entire building or huge water tunnels. Have a look…

10 Most Creative…

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Best Wordpress Themes for Sports

Best WordPress Themes for Sports

[dropcap color=”#dd9933”]H[/dropcap]ave you come out of the World Cup hang over. Okay..Here is a compliation of some wonderful wordpress themes for sports. These themes are for sports clubs and societies and are provided with some free plugins. With clean and fast loading design, these come with responsive feature and custom colors. Overall all that you look for in a sports website.

Best WordPress…

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Amazing and Coolest thing to buy on Amazon

Amazing and Coolest thing to buy on Amazon

What products have you purchased online from, books, accessories..well you might have gone to the extreme and bought these. Well here are some even more interesting and cool stuffs that is worth buying.

[Click on the Image to go to its page] Coolest things on Amazon

1. X Mini Speakers

Coolest things on Amazon

2.Personal 3D Viewer

Handy Cooler Fan

3. Handy Cooler Fan

Foosball Coffee Table

4. Foosball Coffee Table

Coolest thing on Amazon

5. App Controlled Wireless Spy Vehicle

Coolest thing on Amazon

6. Lepow…

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Amazing landscape Photography

Many people seem to have interest in photography these days. It’s such that there is nothing to ‘not like’ about it to be honest. A little interest at the beginning leads to a leisure pursuit and eventually a career option to many. I have not yet managed to reach far enough to take it as a career but defenitely have an inclination towards it. Here are some fantastic landscape photography example…

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Brilliant examples of landscape photography

Many people seem to have interest in photography these days. It’s such that there is nothing to ‘not like’ about it to be honest.

Beautiful HTML Themes below $10 for small business

Beautiful HTML Themes below $10 for small business

Beautiful web design gives your business an extra edge. No matter how simple you want your website to look and no matter whether you are a designer or  not, getting yourself into the designing and spending time in it might be costlier based on your calculation of the oppertunity cost. So to start off, here are some simple, light, responsive and beautiful themes that will give your project a go.


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SuperAdmin Responsive Admin Template from Bootstrap

SuperAdmin Responsive Admin Template from Bootstrap

Bootstrap Responsive Theme

SuperAdmin Responsive Admin Template from Bootstrap

SuperAdmin is a powerful-lightweight fully responsive retina display compatible admin template based on Bootstrap 3. SuperAdmin comes with 14 different skins and over 25 jQuery fully customized plugins. SuperAdmin is fully Responsive and adapt well in any devices.

Live Preview | Download

Almost all the Bootstrap stock components are converted…

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FIFA World Cup 2014 : The participants demand

FIFA World Cup 2014 : The participants demand

FIFA World Cup 2014

FIFA World Cup 2014 : The participants demand

Many countries announced their special demands when it comes to the hotels and rooms they stay in. Some requests you understand, and some you think….really? But hey! A World Cup is not something anyone can play every year! The right and necessary preparations are needed, which obviously differ per country! Let’s just hope all these demands will…

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