Flower petals exploded and showered over a Costa Rican village

Not all explosions are meant to be eye pleasing but this. Sony’s new advertizing campaign for their 4K Ultra HD TV sets have amused the neighbors by having this stunt and tried to show  how their new technology are able to capture all possible colors, contrast and vibrancy.

Women Dominate Social Media

Yes!  This study by financeonline.com shows that women not only use social media more than men, but they use these sites in more way then men do.

Beautiful Multipurpose Bootstrap Theme

Beautiful Multipurpose Bootstrap Theme

Multipurpose Bootstrap Theme

 Download | Live Preview

Atropos Multipurpose Template

Atropos is clean, super flexible and has a fully responsive design!
This template sets the new standard with endless possibilities, and free lifetime updates.

Atropos is very intuitive, built with HTML5 & CSS3. Atropos has a ton of awesome features.
The clean design can be used for any type of website; business, corporate, portfolio,…

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Haven for photographers, One of the coolest of the place to have coffee for others

Haven for photographers, One of the coolest of the place to have coffee for others

Even if you are not into Photography, you definitely will love this design of the coffee shop and if you are, you would love to be in there and sip some. Now, photographers out there already have a smile in there face! I bet you do.

For those who are not into it, the reason why I am putting emphasis on photographers is because the design of this coffee shop is of The Rolleiflex TLRfilm cameras.…

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Prestige : A multipurpose Bootstrap Theme

Prestige : A multipurpose Bootstrap Theme

Multipurpose Bootstrap Theme

Live Preview | Download

Prestige is an incredibly modern, stylish, responsive and multi-purpose template that has been created specifically for freelancers, agencies, SaaS companies or new app startups looking for a fresh, new design. This template is perfect for:

  • Freelancers / Agencies
  • SaaS Companies
  • New app startups

It comes with the following three layout options:

  • App layout
  • Video layout
  • Free…

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Rodolfo Contreras’s trip to Nepal in Pictures

Rodolfo Contreras’s trip to Nepal in Pictures

Rodolfo Contreras visited Nepal in late 2011 and found it full of fun and surprises. He visited places like the Manakamana temple, Pokhara and Gorkha.  Here are some photographs that describes his visit and thus stay.







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Dynamic and beautiful HTML5 websites built with CSS3

Dynamic and beautiful HTML5 websites built with CSS3

HTML5 is a markup language used for organizing and presenting website’s content. It has advanced multimedia integration and animation capabilities that has attracted the interest of designers and programmers. HTML5 when mixed with some creative use of CSS 3 can produce new standard for website design and programming with endless possibilities. These duo can make the website look so simple yet so…

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Creative mom fantasizes her baby’s dream

Creative mom fantasizes her baby’s dream

Nobody knows what babies dream. But the one that can get the closest is nobody but their mother. Sioin Queenie Liao, a freelance artist from California, USA takes creative pictures of her baby boy while he sleeps. The mother of three boys, always enjoys artwork that focuses on her children.

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Creative mom fantasizes her…

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Most amazing Photographs Clicked at the right time (from Quora)

Most amazing Photographs Clicked at the right time (from Quora)

Photography is a skill that many people wish to have. Yes this an art, an art that is not for everyone and requires some level of dedication and patience to earn. Here is list of photographs shared by Qurora users answering the question ” What is the most wonderful photograph you have ever taken?

1. Rajat Bhargava

2. Mitch Dumke

3. Rakesh Ranjan

4. Michael Woloszynowicz

5. Bill Blevins

6. M…

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Most useful jQuery Plugins for Wordpress

Most useful jQuery Plugins for WordPress

jQuery have been one of the major the beautifier of websites whether its for popular CMSs like wordpress, joomla or for the self designed ones. Ever since the inception of jQuery‘s first version in August 2006, web designers and programmers have found a new and easier way to build websites (write less, do more). Thanks to this cross platform javascript library, the stats show that more than 80%…

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